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Food for Baby November 4, 2010

Filed under: Status — Yagya @ 7:28 AM

When he was in NICU, no one other than Doctors & Sisters can be with him all the time. I can see him only for 30 minutes during the day & Madhu can come anytime between 11 AM to 11 PM.

We make at least couple of trips to Manipal everyday to feed the baby or to give the expressed milk to NICU to feed him. Madhu does not have a bed or anything to relax and only has to sit in a plastic chair near the baby in NICU. After feeding she takes some rest in the Lounge but comes back in sometime to see and feed him again. She made sure she spent most of her time with the Baby whenever she was in Hospital and took bear minimum rest.

It would not have been so easy for her to travel from Home to Hospital immediately after cesarian, but she never said anything about it nor complained. We both felt, we are doing it for our Son and in fact we love doing it for our Son.


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