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Tomorrow is 3 Weeks October 23, 2010

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It’s going to be 3 weeks tomorrow. When you were born, you weighed 1.78 Kgs and came down to 1.55 Kgs in few days (it was routine for all babies). As of this morning you were 1.765 Kgs. We are waiting for you to reach your Birth weight by tomorrow. We are very sure you WILL da chellam.

Madhu was here in Hospital today for a long time to try feeding you quite often. You drank twice from her. For some reason you are not liking the tube through which the sisters in NICU feed you and have pulled it off twice πŸ™‚ yesterday.

You are very active throughout when you are awake. If you are sleeping noone is able to wake you up :).

For the first time when me and Madhu were holding you in our arms we saw you smile. We have heard from sisters that you smile while sleep but it was a truly amazing experience to see you smile in front of us.

Loving you so much da en chellame.


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